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The resident sayadaw

The Venerable Nandapala - Sayadaw has been awarded PhD in Buddhist Studies in Sunderland University in April 2011.


Our aims

  1. To practise, propagate and perpetuate Buddhism and in particular Therevada Buddhism.
  2. To make provision for religious ceremonies for Buddhists.
  3. To provide facilities for training and education in regard to Buddhism.
  4. To provide opportunities and accommodation for fellowship and debate in regard to Buddhism.
  5. To establish or to secure the establishment of a centre for the above activities to be known as the Vivekarama Meditation Centre (hereinafter referred to as “V.M.C.”) and of such centre or centres for the above activities as may from time to time be practicable and desireable.

Why in Sunderland?

Sunderland does need a Buddhist Centre.

There has been no Buddhist monastery in Sunderland and the nearest one is approximately 30 miles away in Hexam. With great help from The Venerable Ashin Nandapala, Vivekarama Charity is established in Sunderland. It is going to be the first Buddhist Monastery founded in the city.

In near future, depending on the fund, a property will be purchased and we hope to move in to the property by new year.

Sunderland has a strong historical link with religion. Everybody who celebrates Christmas and Easter must know about the Venerable Bede. Without him, we could not have today calendar. Bede Writings on Calendar

Sunderland University is one of the very few universities where Buddhist Studies can be learnt. Buddhist Studies in Sunderland University

Saint Peter's Church in Sunderland is one of the best places in Britain to visit. One of the Best Places in Britain

Bede From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Venerable Bede

Around Sunderland

There are a few places around Sunderland which attract poeple from other regions and other countries.

Penshaw Monument

Winter Gardens and Museum

The National Glass Centre-The only centre of hand-made glass in Britain

Stadium of Light-Home of Black Cats

Mowbray Park

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Do not ignore the effects of evil, saying, “This will come to nothing.” Just as by the gradual fall of raindrops the water jar is filled, so in time fools are corrupted by evil-doing.

Verse 121

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