Table of Contents

Monthly Donors list(Do let us know if your names are not on the list and send us email to trustees)

(Last Updated 7th June 2012)

No. Name Reference
1Dr Kyaw Tint & Dr May Thi Tint K + Thi M
2Dr Ei Ei Htwe and Dr Thu Ya Lin Htwe E E
3Dr Myo Ohnmar MyintMyint M
4Dr Sithu Tun Tun S
5Dr Hla Myat Theingi H Theingi
6Dr Khin Lay Lwin Soe Soe K L L
7Dr Win Naing + Dr Shwe Zin Htun Naing & Htun
8Dr Mg Mg SL Aye+ Mrs Win Ohnmar Aye MM & WO AYE
9Dr Nyi Nyi Pe & Dr Khin Swe Myint Nyi Pe + Myint K S
10Dr Moe Moe Kyi and Dr Moe Aye Kyi DMM
11Dr Nan Nweni Myint Myint NNN
12Dr Unt Tun Maung & Dr Htar Htar Lin Maung + LIN
13Dr Zaw Myo Htet & Dr Aye Aye Mon HTET & MON
14Dr Phyo Kyaw & Ma Mi Mon Thet P KYAW
15Dr Tin Ko Ko TK KO
16Dr Myint Myint Aye AYE MM
17Dr Ko Ko Naing and Ma Nan Pyone Yin P421628205
18Dr Hla Kyi Htin Htin HK
19Dr Cho Cho Aye AYE CHO CHO
20Dr Khin Zaw and Daw Mya Saw ZAW K + M
21Dr Aung Khine Moe and family AK MOE
22Dr Khin Myat Nwe and family NWE K
23Dr Ei Mon Thet THET E M
24Dr Than Than Yin and Mr Win Maw Yin TT
25Dr Shwe Pyi Soe and Ma Thuza Aung SOE + AUNG
26Dr Nwe Nwe Soe NWE SOE
27Dr Soe Aung and Dr Kay Khine Htun AUNG SOE OE KAY HTUN
28Dr Daw Myint Myint Kyi KYI MM
29Mr Htoon Myo Aung , Dr Ohnmar Nyo-Htay & son Henry Thuta AungNYO HTAY O
30S D Aung S D Aung
31Dr Aung Kyaw Sein SEIN A K
32Dr T Than THAN T
33Dr U Win Maung + Daw Mi Mi MAUNG W + MA
34Dr U Sein Win and Family -
35Dr Min Nyunt MAUNG and Mrs Kalayar MAUNG M N MAUNG
36Dr Kay Khine Htun Tun KK
37Dr Nu Nu Wynn and Dr Shwe Win WINN L Y
38Dr Wint Maw and Family MAW + YIN WM
39Dr Matthew Yang -
40Mr ThuTa & Dr Thida Oo -
41Dr M M Gale -
42Dr Wut Hmone -
43Dr Winit Watjan -
44K Farrage -
45Dr Soe Naing & Dr Le' Le' Win -
46Dr Zin Mar Lwin-
47Ms Cho Thae-

Contributions for the deposit of Vivekarama building

Name -
Dr Zin Mar Lwin, Parents, U Win Myint and Daw Than Than Win, and Brothers, Dr San Min Aung & Mg Han Tun Aung£1000
Dr Kyaw Tint & Dr May Thi
Dr Zaw Myo Htet & Dr Aye Aye Mon
Dr Win Naing& Dr Shwe Zin Htun
Dr Sithu Tun & Dr Hla Myat Theingi
Dr Khin Lay Lwin Soe
Dr Htay Win & Dr Tin Nwe Aye
Dr Nan Nweni Myint
Dr Moe Thida Htay
Dr Tin Ko Ko
Dr Mon Mon Gale
Dr Han Shu Yin
Dr Zaw Min and Dr Hnin Hnin Aye(USA)
Dr Cho Cho Aye
Dr Kyaw Myint & Dr Khin Khin
Dr Khin Maung Ni and Ma Wai Mar
Mr Sai Zaw Lin Htwe
Dr Min Htut
Dr Shwe Wynn and Dr Nu Nu Wynn
Dr Htay Win and Dr Tin New Aye
Dr Win Maung and Mrs Mi Mi Eindra
Dr Kyaw Sein and Dr Khin Swe Latt
Dr Min Ko Ko Thaung and Family For electrical re-wiring
Dr Maung Maung Latt and family
Mr Htoon Myo Aung , Dr Ohnmar Nyo-Htay & son Henry Thuta Aung
Dr Shwe Zin Tun and Dr Nyo Nyo
Dr Khine Khine
Dr Mya Mya Mu
Dr Myo Ohnmar Myint
Dr Thant Hlaing Oo and Dr Thandar Win, Son Harry Hayne Waiyan Oo Front Main Door

Contributions for the forth of katena ceremorny

Name -
Dr T HAN + Dr T Aye 60
Dr Aye Aye Myint+ Dr G Paw 35
Dr U T Maung + Dr Htar Htar Lin 30
Dr M Nyint mg 30
Dr T T win 30
Dr M M Aye 40
Dr Cho Cho Aye 100
MRS Kay Latt 200
Dr Kyaw Tun Aye + DR HTET Nwe Win 500
Mr Oo Kaw + Daw Khin Lay Yee 50
Dr So Pyae + Mrs K Saw 500
Dr TH Oo + Dr T Win 90
Dr Kyaw Toe + Dr Khin Ni Ni 250 + 100
Dr Min Phone Myint + family 30
Dr Thant Hlaing Oo and Dr Thandar Win, Son Harry Hayne Waiyan Oo 1000
In memory of U Pan Gya + Daw Myint 500
Dr Hla Myint + Daw Nhin Win Nu 150
Dr Zin Mar Lwin 90
Dr Khin Maung Tun + Daw Naw Than Cho 100
U Mya Han + Daw Than Htay 90
Dr Myo Myo Aye 30
U Aung Kyaw Htay + Ma Than Than Nwe
U Khin + Daw Aye Mya Kin 90
Dr Myo Oo Myint 100
Dr Khine Lay 100
Dr Rosland + Dr Khin Soe Soe + family 30
Dr N N wynn + Dr Lin Wynn 50
Dr U Nyo Htay and Mr H M Aung 100
Daw Maw Maw Aung + Family 30
Dr Win Maung + Eaindra Khin 30
Ma Zin Hnin Phyu 30
U Thuta 50
Dr Kyaw Tint + Dr May Thi 60
Dr Wimal Perera 15
U Toe Maung + Daw Tin Nwe 100
Mr Sai Zaw Lin Htwe + Su Hlaing Win + family 30
Daw Aye Myo Khin 90
Mr Faysia 30
Daw Aye Yee Than 30
MG Ye Kyaw Thu 30
Dr T Than 100
Daw Nwe Nwe Soe 50